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Volume 17, No. 1

1.  The Awareness of Social Work Profession Among Students in Public By Osagie Joseph Egharevba,  

2.  Etude Analytique Du Vouloir-Dire En Interpretation By Garba Musiliu PhD 

3. Human Capital Investment and Sustainable Economic Development in Nigeria. 1986-2017 By Elechi, Emmanuel .U &  Emeh, Onyinyechika, U. 

4. Kunle Afolayan in October 1: An Analysis of a Nollywood Director’s film text  By Michael A. Ogolo & Femi O. Shaka 

5. Influence of Audio File as a Digital Interactive Multimodal Reading Strategy By Margaret Samuelson Udo  & C.N. Olele 

6. A Critical Study of Content and Form in Episode 14 from Continental Kiddies Show By kem Godslove Adichie & Henry Leopold Bell-Gam 

7. Political Socialization through Social Studies and Political Science Education in Nigeria  By Okputu, Simon Ogana & Ettah, Ubi Arikpo 

8. Gospel Ministers, The Church In Partisan Politics  By V.O.A. Elleh 

9. Theatrical Productions as Collaborative Art: A Critical Analysis of the Production Design of Little Drops. By Agha Patrick, Prof. E.C. Emasealu & Ejiofor, Benjamin A. 

10. Sustainable Technologies in Eastern Nigeria from Pre-Coloniality to 1996  By Charles Okeke Okoko; Ph.D & Ikechukwu C. Ahamefule; PhD 

11. Regional Integration an Offshoot of Globalization: A Tasking Challenge for the African Development Bank (AfDB)  By Sambo Johnson Madigwe 

12. Ethical Teachings of Jesus and Morality in Indigenous African Traditional Education By Ayegunle, Isaac Olusola 

13. Ideology in Nigerian Cinema: Theory and Praxis By Ibe, Ogbobuike Ibe 

14. A Contrastive Study of Morphophonology in English and Kalabari  By Asime Beryl Okpin & Nneka P. Umera-Okeke, PhD 

15. The Socio-Economic Effects of Electoral and Ethno-Religious Violence in Nigeria By Akinwumi,Olatunji Samuel PhD 

16. Evolution of Theatre Costume and Trends in the Costumiers’ Training in Nigeria By Adikiba Gbobo Boyle & Julie N.E. Umukoro 

17. An Analysis of Some English Proverbs as Elements of Sexism: A Psychoanalytical Approach  By Umera-Okeke, Nneka, Ph.D. 

18. Examining Bibilcal Language and Literature of the Old Testament (O.T.) By Jaja, Mac Afisa Ph.D

19. Impact of Christianity on African Indigenous Religion and Cultural Practices By Belinda U, Bienose-Osagiede

20. Regulations of New Media Platforms A Remedy for Combating Terrorism By Charles Osa Emokpae & Christopher Odey Akpa