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Volume 17, No. 3

2. Christian Religious Education in Nigerian Schools An Advocacy for the Integration of African Moral Values in the Curriculum.

3. A Textual Analysis of Ben Binebai Drums Of The Delta

4. Ecumenism A Sociological Approach to Religious Harmony in Contemporary Nigeria

5. Management of Traditional Festivals in NigeriaThe Case of Itu Aka Nguru Uboma Ahiaise

7. Stress Management and Anxiety among Women in Benin City, Edo State, Southern Nigeria.


9 Nigerian Economy under Democratic Rule and the Impact of Capital Market on its Growth

10 Catholicism in Benin City A Socio Religious Perspective

11 Effect of Federal Character Principle on Public Bureaucracy in Nigeria

12 Environmental Education and Sustainable Development in Nigeria

13 An Analysis of Ict Policy in Education Planning In Nigeria

14 Les Exigences D’enseignement De La Phonetique

15 Sustaining the Nigerian Literary Theatre in a Democratic Setting: Challenges and Prospects

16. La Puissance Fatale Du Desir Dans La Peau De Chagrin

17 Political ‘Capitals’ and Capitalist Hegemony The End of History or the Beginning of Global Tyranny

18 Tourism Development Implications on the Environment

19 Towards Proper Iconographical Interpretation as Analysis of Data in Biographical Analysis of Qualitative Research Methods

20 Cultural Policy for Sustainable Development in Nigeria

21 A Review of the Development Project Approach and Strategy of the World Bank

22 Literacy initiatives of the International Development Partners in some resolute parts of Nigeria

23 Relations between Self, Rationality and Emotion A Deconstructive Approach

24 Corruption and the Challenges of Socio-economic Development in Nigeria’s Public Space, 1999-2007

25 La Violence Politique En Afrique Contemporaine Dans L’oeuvre Romanesque De Sony Labou Tansi

26 The Effects of Religious Pluralism on the African Traditional Religion Adherents

27 Documenting Cassava Farming Traditions in Ikwere

28 Gender Conflict in Chimamanda Adichie’s Novels and Amma Darko’s Novels