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Volume 18, No. 1

1. Community Participation in Infrastructural Development in Africa: The Role of Community Development Experts

2.  Lexical and Syntactic Features of Legal English: Implications for Use of English Teaching in Nigeria

3. Combating the Scourge of Child Labour in Nigeria: A Paradigm from the Old Testament

4. {Oń} Prefixation in Ife Dialect of Yoruba

5.  Religion and Moral Education as a Panacea for Cultism in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

6. Education Law and Facility Management in Public Higher Institutions in Rivers State of Nigeria

7.  The First Republic and Democratic Governance: Intra- Ethnic Politics Prior to the Nigerian Civil War

8. Analysis of the Purpose, Uses and Problems of Performance Appraisal for Effective Employee Decision Making in Nigerian Organizations

9. Socio-Religious Analysis of High Cost of Burial in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects

10. Impact of Gender Difference on Performance Self-Efficacy among Music Students in College of Education,

11. Dislocation of the Dislocator in a Terrorized Space: A Construal of Effiong Johnson’s The Fight Has Just Begun

12. Disillusionment Of Leadership: The Concept of Godfatherism in Amadou Konѐ’s ‘De La Cha1re Au Trône’ And its Relationship to the Nigerian Situation

13. Social Spending as a Catalyst to Labour Productivity in Nigeria, 1982-2018

14. Socio-Economic Effect of the French Language in the Sub-Saharan Africa: The Nigerian Experience

15. Empirical Investigation into Exchange Rate Determination in Nigeria 1981-2018

16. Music as Communication

17. Out of Bounds: An Exploratory Rendering in Printmaking

18. Analysis of the Impact of Social Media on Students’ Academic Performance in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria.

19. Beyond “Worship Wars”: The Future of Hymn-Singing in Mainline Churches in Nigeria

20. Probleme Specifique De Traduction D’un Roman Africain Post Colonial: Etude De Quand On Refuse On Dit Non.

21. Consumeristic Materials: Inspiration for Artistic Creation, Environmental Safeguarding and the Nigeria Experience

22. The Impact of Delta Broadcasting Service Music Programmes on the Speech of Youth in Abraka

23. Legislative Aides and Political Transition in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic

24. Ethical Management of Special Education for Sustainable National Development

25. Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility and Managerial Ethics on Economic Performance and Profitability for Organizational Survival in Nigeria

26.  The Role of French Language in an Emerging Economy: Nigerian Experience

27. Impact of Textile and Fashion as a Medium of Vocational Skill Acquisition for Entrepreneurial Development in Nigeria.

28. Cassava Stems as Visual Narrative for Fabric Production: A Case Study of Mogho Community in Gokana Local Government Area of Rivers

29. Etude De L’ Espace Dans L’oeuvre Romanesque De Sony Labou Tansi

30. The Philosophical Appraisal of Human Cloning

31. Organizational Communication: A Key Mechanism for the Effective Dissemination of Information in Nigerian Organizations

32. Political Economy of Insurgency, Terrorism and Insecurity in Nigeria: The Fourth Republic in Perspective (2009-2019)

33. Visual Expression of Ikwerre Wrestling Festival: