Volume 17, No 1

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  • 1. The Awareness of Social Work Profession Among Students in Public By Osagie Joseph Egharevba,
  • 2. Etude Analytique Du Vouloir-Dire En Interpretation By Garba Musiliu PhD
  • 3. Human Capital Investment and Sustainable Economic Development in Nigeria. 1986-2017 By Elechi, Emmanuel .U & Emeh, Onyinyechika, U.
  • 4. Kunle Afolayan in October 1: An Analysis of a Nollywood Director’s film text By Michael A. Ogolo & Femi O. Shaka
  • 5. Influence of Audio File as a Digital Interactive Multimodal Reading Strategy By Margaret Samuelson Udo & C.N. Olele
  • 6. A Critical Study of Content and Form in Episode 14 from Continental Kiddies Show By kem Godslove Adichie & Henry Leopold Bell-Gam
  • 7. Political Socialization through Social Studies and Political Science Education in Nigeria By Okputu, Simon Ogana & Ettah, Ubi Arikpo
  • 8. Gospel Ministers, The Church In Partisan Politics By V.O.A. Elleh
  • 9. Theatrical Productions as Collaborative Art: A Critical Analysis of the Production Design of Little Drops. By Agha Patrick, Prof. E.C. Emasealu & Ejiofor, Benjamin A.
  • 10. Sustainable Technologies in Eastern Nigeria from Pre-Coloniality to 1996 By Charles Okeke Okoko; Ph.D & Ikechukwu C. Ahamefule; PhD
  • 11. Regional Integration an Offshoot of Globalization: A Tasking Challenge for the African Development Bank (AfDB) By Sambo Johnson Madigwe
  • 12. Ethical Teachings of Jesus and Morality in Indigenous African Traditional Education By Ayegunle, Isaac Olusola
  • 13. Ideology in Nigerian Cinema: Theory and Praxis By Ibe, Ogbobuike Ibe
  • 14. A Contrastive Study of Morphophonology in English and Kalabari By Asime Beryl Okpin & Nneka P. Umera-Okeke, PhD
  • 15. The Socio-Economic Effects of Electoral and Ethno-Religious Violence in Nigeria By Akinwumi,Olatunji Samuel PhD
  • 16. Evolution of Theatre Costume and Trends in the Costumiers’ Training in Nigeria By Adikiba Gbobo Boyle & Julie N.E. Umukoro
  • 17. An Analysis of Some English Proverbs as Elements of Sexism: A Psychoanalytical Approach By Umera-Okeke, Nneka, Ph.D.
  • 18. Examining Bibilcal Language and Literature of the Old Testament (O.T.) By Jaja, Mac Afisa Ph.D
  • 19. Impact of Christianity on African Indigenous Religion and Cultural Practices By Belinda U, Bienose-Osagiede
  • 20. Regulations of New Media Platforms A Remedy for Combating Terrorism By Charles Osa Emokpae & Christopher Odey Akpa
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