Volume 17, No 4

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  • 1. The Socio-Democratization and Structural Stratification of Coven in Okulosho: A Lesson for the Nigerian Political Leaders and the Ruling Class By Valentine A. Inagbor.
  • 2. Vers Une Nouvelle Periodisation De La Traduction Par Sharp-Akosubo, Dufua.
  • 3. Traditional Religion: A Panacea for Nigerian National Development By Aniekan Etim Nana, PhD.
  • 4. Rising Ethnic Agitations in Nigeria: Embracing Biblical Perspectives of Reconciliation as the Way Forward By Amunnadi, Chukwudi Ani PhD.
  • 5. New Saint Peter, Paul and All Saints in Ikwerre Anglicanism By Ben O. Onu.
  • 6. Ian Hacking on Repeatability of Experiment: Instrumental Implication for African Science By Christian C. Emedolu, PhD.
  • 7. Colonial to Postcolonial: The Slick Alliance in Tanure Ojaide’s Poetry By Obari Gomba.
  • 8. Festival Associated With Ali-Isiokpo Deity By Fineface Tasie & W. Wotogbe-Weneka.
  • 9. Interrogating National Security in the Age of Globalization: A Third World Review By Ikaonaworio Eferebo, PhD.
  • 10. Digital Diplomacy: Opportunities for Nigeria’s Foreign Policy By Nyewusira, Chituru.
  • 11. Towards Proper Iconographical Description as Data Presentation in Biographical Analysis of Qualitative Research Methods, The Example of Meanings from Okwuosa’s Creative Paintings By Elenwo Morrison PhD.
  • 12. A Discursive Analyse of the Effects of Morphology and Textural Designs on Buan Pottery By Tam-George, Charlotte Aaron & J.J. Umoh.
  • 13. The Relevance of Creativity, Empathy and Expression Theories to a Musical Composer By Giami, B. Evangeline PhD.
  • 14. A Descriptive Analysis of the Screen Printing “Aquatic Life” By Utom-Obong Andy Ajuzie By Grace Addey Dixon & Amadi-Ikpa Lemchi Lucky.
  • 15. Developing Art and Craft as Marketing Commodities for Contemporary Nigerian Economy By Archi, Chukwumela Felix & J.J. Umoh.
  • 16. Waste Pollution and Waste Management in Aba: A Religio- Ethical Response By Iwe Ogueri Prince, A. R. O. Kilani & N.J. Gbule PhD.
  • 17. The Role of Religion in Youth Formation and National Development in Nigeria By Wachukwu, Chikodi Josiah PhD.
  • 18. Transborder Migration Crises and Ideological Conflict in Africa: Revisiting Huntington’s Clash of Civilization and the Remaking of World Order By Ereke Ernest, PhD & Ogbu Collins, MSc.
  • 19. Family Background and Academic Performance of Students in Selected Secondary Schools in Ikere Ekiti
  • 20. A ‘Town and Gown’ Collaboration for the Sustenance of Akwete Weaving Tradition in South Eastern Nigeria
  • 21. The Role of Mass Media in Public Opinion Formation and Governance By Dare Owolabi.
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